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The mechanic visits us
yazruna al-miknki
but it doesnt get up from sleep
fal taqmu min nawmin
It neither wakes up nor comes out of sleep
wal tash wal tufqu
A replacement for it is a must
l budda lah min badlin
So, a new one is the best
fa-aljaddu afdalu
Even though for a high price
walaw bisirin kabrin
We may benefit by it
bih qad nastafidu
And there is murabaha in the bank
wa fi-al banki murbaha
And the price may be paid in installments
wa ath-thamanu yudfau bi at-taqsti
No getting late and no absenteeism
fal takhra wal ghiyba
and reach our place of work early
wa nudriku alamala mubakkirna
And thus we can get relief
wa hkadha nastarhu
and asked the fruit-seller
wa saala bia al-fkihati
and went to market
wa dhhaba ila as-sqi
Ahmed took a car
akhadha ahmadu sayyratan
The seller told him the price
fa akhbarahu al-biu bi-ath-thamani
And how much is the orange ?
wa m thamanu al-burtuqli?
How much is the apple ?
m thamanu at-tuffhi?
and paid the price to the seller
wa dafaa li al-bii ath-thamana
and took the oranges
wa akhadha al-burtuqla
So, Ahmed took the apples
fa akhadha ahmad at-tufha
What did you buy?
mdha ishtarayta?
So, his father said to him:
fa-qla lah wliduhu
Ahmed returned home
rajaa ahmadu li-al-bayti
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